Body Beautiful: Age is Nothing But A Number

Ms. Ernestine Shepard in bikini, age 77

       Ms. Ernestine Shepherd Bodybuilding Champion at age 77

Lessons Learned From The Inspirational Ms. Ernestine Shepherd

  • Spirituality, love, nutrition and fitness are crucial to  well-being during our golden years.
  • Memories and legacies of loved ones can transform profound sadness into triumphant victory by jump-starting our commitment and drive.
  • Establishing long-term goals can help drive priorities, discipline and focus.
  • Those who age with exceptional grace are generally vibrant, vivacious and funny.
  • Sharing life’s gifts with others has a lasting ripple effect that  uplifts and inspires, while challenging cultural stereotypes of what it means to grow old.
  • Strut your stuff with attitude because “Age is nothing but a number”.

We salute and thank you Ms. Shepherd for sharing your phenomenal inspiration and for teaching us all how to soar!

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