The Science of Love: Happily Ever After

92 Year Old Man Sings to Wife

Whatever your age, this is a moment to witness. A deeply poignant video of Laura, age 93, with her husband Howard, age 92.  Recorded at a hospice facility by their granddaughter, Erin Solari, as her grandpa sings the couple’s favorite love song to his wife of 73 years as she prepares to make peace with her last days.

(Posted with permission from Jukin Media)

This compelling encounter went viral  on September 20, 2015 and has logged nearly 8 million views. It is a profound and moving illustration of how enduring  love and happiness are directly connected to the quality and duration of our lives as we grow old.

It is easy to understand why love and its link to couples growing old has long been a popular subject of scientific research.  Numerous studies have published fascinating findings on the measurable and proven connections between aging and the science of love.

The Journal of Gerontology recently published three studies that explore the relationship between marital quality and health in midlife and old age.  One such study entitled, “Marital Quality and Health in Middle and Later Life: Dydadic Associations”, concluded that supportive marriage is a critical resource to couples which provides positive marital quality and protection against poor health, disability and functional limitations in later life.

The study also concludes that a happy and satisfied spouse actually improves the physical health of their partner.  These findings suggest that a spouse who feels loved and supported may enhance the other spouse’s sense of competence as a husband or wife and thus bolster their physical well-being.

Clearly there are mounds of overwhelming scientific evidence that indisputably recognize the complex and powerful connection between love, happiness and longevity.  That being said, one need look no further than these captivating moments between Laura and Howard for an indelible lesson on the science of love.

“Let there be spaces in your togetherness, And let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another but make not a bond of love: Let it be rather a moving sea between the shores of your souls.”– Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet

Blog Postscript: 

Curious to know how the story of Laura and Howard unfolded, I returned to YouTube only to find the following update posted by Erin:

“After posting this video to Facebook, it began to go viral and all the outpouring of love lifted everyone’s spirits… including Grandma’s! They originally gave her just a week to live, but hospice eventually deemed her well enough to go back home to live out her remaining days. She is still considered “Terminal,” however, as of this posting my beautiful Grandma Laura Virginia is still with us resting peacefully at home. Our family along with the wonderful people from hospice are taking care of her and making sure she remains as pain-free and comfortable as possible while she prepares for her nearing departure. We all thank you so much for the love and kind words.”

Another triumph for the Science of Love.  Here’s to  happily ever after…




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